Welcome to Primary School

At Al Shohub Private School we offer a high-quality British style education based on the National Curriculum of England. We offer a variety of core and foundation subjects and teach the students holistically using creativity, higher level thinking and skills-based learning.


We offer a safe and secure learning environment which fosters student-led enquiry, encourages children to explore and question and pursue knowledge in a positive and fulfilling way. This enables our students to develop the necessary skills to become truly global young people and develops them as future citizens.

Information about the National Curriuclum

Across the primary phases we enrich our curriculum with:

  • School trips
  • Visiting speakers and organizations
  • Celebrations of culture
  • Drama and PE
  • Music


We value our students in Primary school and as such place a strong focus on student wellbeing and pastoral care. Our staff know and care the students and support their self-esteem and confidence. We encourage healthy lifestyles, responsibility towards each other, moral teaching and consideration of others. At Al Shohub we also know that children who are happy to come to school and enjoy school are successful learners and this is why with the help of our staff and school counselor we support the whole student, both educationally and emotionally.
Primary school starts in Year 1 and follows through to year 6. Within the National Curriculum there are Key Stages of learning which are set out as follows:Key Stage 1
Years 1 and 2
Key stage 2
Years 3,4,5 and 6

At each part of the curriculum, there are expectations and learning objectives. These are also linked to the Key Performance Indicators which should be achieved by the end of each academic year. The curriculum is mainly delivered through topics and allows for cross-curriculum learning, teaching students that subjects have a real-life meaning which they can relate to.

Key Stage 1

Following on from Early Years we in Key Stage 1 we offer a broad and exciting range of learning for our students. This is based on the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science. Students learn skills that will be the basis of their future learning. Year 1 is a key year in consolidating phonic knowledge, unlocking reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as speaking and listening. Year 2 then develops these skills further and enables our learners to explore literature, genres, and writing forms. In mathematics they explore the meaning of numbers, place value, shapes, tables and in Science undertake experiments, test out ideas and learn about the natural world around us. Children explore a breath of subject areas in addition such as Art, History, Geography, and PE. Problem-solving and critical thinking across all subjects is crucial and embedded into our learning structures.

Key Stage 2

In transitioning to Key Stage 2, an effective program of liaison and information sharing ensures our students learning needs are met, and that we continue a learning thread uninterrupted from Key Stage 1. We understand that our students are developing in maturity and as such the subject matter becomes more challenging. Research methods, complex subject matter, higher level thinking is all integrated into the program to ensure students are ready for their High School Journey which begins in Year 7.

Academic achievement is encouraged and celebrated and a more robust learning program is implemented which encourages our students to have more depth to their knowledge. Students are also encouraged to review their learning and develop their own strategies for learning. They will understand what kind of learner they are and how they like to learn for most success.

Types of Learner:

They may be Kinesthetic learners who like to actively participate, they may be Visual learners who like to see and watch, they may be Auditory learners and learn best by listening, or they might be students who like to read and write down information. All these different learning styles are encouraged and supported and we actively encourage Metacognitive skills – or learning how they learn.
If students take some responsibility for how they learn best this then adds to their success.

Assessment at Al Shohub

To ensure attainment and progress students are assessed each term and a starting baseline is established. End of term assessments are carried out to track progress and any learning concerns are identified and supported with action plans. In addition, students are assessed against National and international expectations in line with UAE National Agenda policy. These assessments are used in conjunction with teacher observation and ongoing assessment. As such within or at the end of any term teachers have a clear picture of student progression and attainment and can mark them against National Curriculum expectations, whether they are working towards them, have met them or have exceeded them.