Welcome to Secondary School

Key Stage 3 Years 7, 8 and 9
Key Stage 4 Years 10 and 11
Key Stage 5 Year 12

Although Al Shohub largely follows the English National Curriculum, given our international status, we are able to creatively devise broad-based programmes of study which are geared to further extend our students learning as they make the transition from Primary to Secondary school and beyond. As an inclusive school, we promote both Gifted and Talented schemes of work designed to allow students the opportunity to learn beyond their comfort zone alongside classes where individuals may require additional support in areas such as English as a second language.

Our aim is to provide stimulating learning experiences that fully engage individuals, inspire them to strive to reach their full potential and give them the confidence to embrace success by creating realistic and well-resourced pathways through AS levels. As they are able to explore a variety of different subjects along with facilitating wider learning situations, we give our students the opportunity to leave Al Shohub with academic qualifications that enable them to move effectively forward into adulthood. The academic expectation remains high and reflects the necessary rigor to allow our students to be confident and competitive in their chosen career.

In addition to the above, all of our students follow the Ministry Guidelines for Arabic, Islamic Education, UAE Social Studies and Moral Education from Foundation all the way through to Year 12 (Sixth Form). Ministry Examinations are undertaken as required and stated in the ADeK guidelines.


During KS3 our students study a similar range of subjects to those undertaken in Key Stage 2. They learn to greater depths, including how to apply their skills and knowledge appropriately. From this academic year, we will offer carousel rotations from year 7 where students are empowered to choose short course study in non-core subjects, for example, child development, psychology and additional languages. This adds to their understanding of the skill requirements of each of the subjects that are on offer in KS4. This will ensure that by the time the students choose their IGCSE options in year 9, they are in an excellent position to make informed choices based on their own experience. In providing such choices, we actively encourage each student to undertake regular self-evaluation and therefore be ‘in charge’ of some their own learning experiences. This makes them much more successful as independent learners and paves the way for realistic target setting.


Al Shohub is an accredited examination center for Cambridge (CIE) and the Edexcel examination boards. In both cases, we are accredited for external examinations at every level, including the facilitation of adult provision, which may be an area of development for our community in the future. The above gives us the flexibility to provide both IGCSE and GCSE courses at KS4 and subject specialist teachers, who have extensively researched each Board and the new English Curriculum specifications, are instrumental in the decision regarding which exam course is best suited to our students. This ensures that we can offer a full range of subjects to reflect the interests and abilities of our students, which will in turn lead to improvements in external examination attainment.


At present, our school offers AS levels in a range of subjects at Year 12. As there have been many significant changes in the structure and delivery of KS5 in the UK, we will look to developing at Al Shohub to reflect these changes and thereby provide not only the current subject portfolio but look to our option choices.
The introduction of BTEC Level 3 examinations in Year 12 for example, will enable our students to undertake courses which aim to develop a full range practical skills in work-related situations, including work experiences to complement the academic qualifications obtained via AS and A level study. More and more universities across the world are looking for student success in such combinations of subjects. There has been much debate about the value of providing students with the opportunity to develop academic and lifelong practical skills with combination courses of AS / A levels and BTEC Diplomas in order to make them more effective in the workplace. We feel that this is a huge step forward and one that will encourage a greater diversity in individual skill bases and as far as we are concerned, that can only be a good thing.

'BYOD' (Bring Your Own Device)

As our secondary school has now adopted a 'BYOD' (Bring Your Own Device) policy in order to broaden the use of Information Technology as part of the learning process, we request that parents and students are aware of the following:
  • Students are fully responsible for the safety of their own appliances and related personal belongings
  • These may be named directly onto individual items or be stored in a named bag
  • Secondary students should ensure that their belongings are retained in their lockers when not in use, including at breaks and during lunchtimes
  • Mobile phones will not be used during school hours, unless with full approval of a member of staff.

Parents and students must be fully aware of the school policy relating to BYOD at all times. Please note that this may be updated at the end of each academic year.