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Lunch menu

Dietary Information

As part of our Early Years’ Curriculum, we include cooking and food tasting activities which link in with our planning. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could complete a medical form to inform us of us any allergies or dietary restrictions your child may have. We will provide this form when your child starts school.

Importantly, please specify if you know that your child suffers from nut allergies.
Due to the severe symptoms of those who suffer from nut allergies, no foods containing nuts or nut derivatives are allowed in the school. We are a healthy school and therefore promote a healthy diet.


Al Shohub is a health promoting school and as such we encourage all students to come to school each day with a healthy snack of fruits and vegetables. Snack time will only last for 15 minutes, so please try not to make snacks too big. At lunchtime, students are expected to have a variety of healthy foods in their lunch box. These may include a small sandwich; a yogurt; a portion of fruit; cheese cubes; a portion of vegetables or a small container of rice/pasta.

Students should not bring fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate for their snack or lunch. Items such as cakes or biscuits can be included as a treat, but these should be as part of a healthy, balanced lunch.

Al Shohub is a nut free school and this includes lunch items such as Nutella sandwiches or hazelnut biscuits. These items will be removed from your child’s lunchbox and returned to the adult who collects them.


All children have access to chilled water at all times. We ask that you send a reusable named, filled plastic water bottle each day into school.