Khalifa City A, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
(+971) 2 555 9995
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Welcome to Al Shohub School

Inspiration, Aspiration, Ambition

Lower School

Foundation Stages 2 - Year 1

Middle School

Years 2-6

Upper School

Years 7-12


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Principal's Welcome

Inspiration. Aspiration. Ambition.
A warm welcome to Al Shohub School. Our website is currently under development but through these pages, I am delighted to be able to share with you additional information regarding the school, including its purpose and aims. Al Shohub is a forward thinking school. We are committed to raising students’ aspirations so that each individual can reach their fullest potential and achieve the success they desire. We hold a core belief that for all students to have high aspirations, they must be actively engaged in their learning, be well motivated to succeed, and have the healthy self-confidence to achieve. Personal responsibility is nurtured so that we engage in learning at each opportunity and we endeavour to foster a genuine sense of purpose and social responsibility in all of our students. We have placed an emphasis on developing the skills and attributes of our students which will prepare and equip them to enjoy success and to make positive contributions to society. We are always happy to share our school so please do make an appointment to visit. You are most welcome.