Why choose our school?

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. As a parent we know you want to feel confident that you are leaving your child in the best hands possible, both academically and pastorally; you want to send your child off to school each morning comforted by the fact that they will be happy, safe and ready to enjoy a day of learning.

So why should you choose Al Shohub Private School?

  • Al Shohub offers a unique learning environment for girls and young ladies aged 3 to 16. Our entire learning environment is taught by, led by and maintained by a team of professional, experienced and enthusiastic women.
  • Our students learn within a wonderfully designed environment, which provides an abundance of space, natural light and superb facilities.
  • Our teaching team bring a wide range of experiences to our school, all of which enable and enthuse our students to learn through a variety of means.
  • Our students are encouraged, no matter what stage they are at in their education journey, to be inquisitive learners, resilient learners, thoughtful learners and self-improving learners.
  • We ensure each of our students has a bespoke pathway which will enable them to maximise their potential and accomplish the goals they set themselves.
  • Our leadership team has many years’ experience of leading both new and well-established schools, and in addition to their school based roles, also conduct BSO inspections and Compliance and Accreditation visits for British International Schools worldwide.
  • Located in Khalifa City A, we offer the English National Curriculum to children in PRE – Nursery to Primary School from PRE-FS ( 2 years of age ) to year 6. Our fees offer excellent value for money.