School Uniform


The appearance of our students is important to us at Al Shohub Private School; it gives them an identity and a sense of pride of being a member of the school community. In addition, it creates a positive school atmosphere.

Please see below for details of our school uniform and items that are specific to the age and stage of the students. You can purchase all items of the school uniform at Zaks Store, Al Raha Mall, Second Floor, ( All items are available to purchase now.

Foundation Stage (Nursery and FS2)

• Navy blue dress
• Black, white or dark blue shoes that they can take on and off independently
• White socks

Primary (Year 1 to Year 6)

• White polo shirt
• Navy blue culotte (girls)
• Navy blue long culotte (optional for Y5 and Y6 girls)
• Navy blue shorts (boys)
• Smart, flat, black leather shoes
• White socks

Secondary (Year 7 to Year 11)

• White polo shirt
• Navy blue long culotte or navy blue long skirt
• Navy or black shayla
• Smart, flat, black leather shoes
• White socks (optional)

Secondary (Year 12) – Business attire

• Tailored skirt, dress or trousers (or suit)
• Tailored blouse
• Tailored blazer
• Cardigan
• Shayla
• Smart leather shoes with flat or small heel

Please note that there will be no P.E. lessons undertaken at school until confirmed by ADEK

P.E. Uniform – all students

• Navy blue P.E. track pants
• Navy blue P.E. shirt
• House shirt
• Navy blue fleece jacket
• Sports shoes/trainers

Optional Accessories

• Al Shohub navy blue backpack
• Al Shohub navy blue swimming/P.E. bag
• Al Shohub navy blue book bag
• Al Shohub baseball cap or legionnaire cap

School Bags

ADEK has provided all schools with new regulations regarding students’ school bags. School bags must not exceed the maximum weight allowed according to the age of the child. Please refer to the table below:

Given the current circumstances, we would ask that students do not carry unnecessary items to school. Please limit contents to:
• Pencil case
• Healthy snack/lunch
• 2 face masks per day
• Small hand sanitizer
• Refillable water bottle (labeled with student’s name)




Jewellery and make-up

Students are permitted to wear a simple pair of stud earrings and a watch to school. Please note the school is not responsible for any loss or damage to such items.
Students are not permitted to wear make-up or nail polish.

There is an expectation that all students should arrive at school everyday, wearing the correct uniform. Class teachers and form tutors will be responsible for checking the students’ uniform each morning and will contact parents if incorrect or inappropriate items of clothing are worn to school.

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