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Policy Statement
This policy, as reflected in the aims below, establishes the criteria for tuition and fees payable to Al Shohub Private School. It is written in accordance with Policy 39 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual 2014-15.

ADEK Approved School Fees

Al Shohub Private School aims to provide all of its students an exceptional education, inspiring and enabling them to achieve their very best, in order to become ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’. The Al Shohub Community accepts that fees are the only form of revenue for the school and that prompt payment of all fees is a necessary requirement of all parents of Al Shohub students. The fees collected at Al Shohub are essential in ensuring the ongoing operation of the school facilities and the continued provision of education for all its students.

Practice and Procedure
Registration or Re-registration Fees
Following acceptance of an offer of school placement, Al Shohub will request a registration payment amounting to 5% of the tuition fees. This sum will be deducted from the approved school tuition fees for each point of entry.

Retaining Registration or Re-registration Fees
Al Shohub will retain the registration or re-registration fees collected for each student, should

a) the student attend any part, or days, of week 1 of the semester or;
b) the student fail to show up at all without the Parent/Guardian notifying the School in writing 30 days in advance before the commencement of teaching.

Tuition Fees
Tuition fees are payable in three instalments for each academic year. The School will collect the first instalment one month preceding the beginning of the school year.

Retaining Tuition Fees
Al Shohub will retain a certain amount of the tuition fees in any of the following cases:
a) If a student attends any part of week one of the term or fails to show up at all without the Parent/Guardian notifying the School in writing sufficiently in advance before the beginning of a term. In such a case, the School will retain the value of the registration or re-registration fees.
b) If a student attends from one week and up to three weeks in a term, the School will retain the value of one full month of tuition fees.
c) If a student attends over three weeks and up to six weeks in a term, the School will retain the value of two full months of tuition fees.
d) If a student attends over six weeks in a term, the School will retain the full-term fee.

These cases will apply to newly enrolled students as well as students that register after a term has already commenced. Official holidays and absences from class are considered part of the week. The value of one month of tuition fees is calculated by dividing the total tuition fees for the school year by ten months.

Withdrawal and Refunds
Parents/Guardians who wish to withdraw their child(ren) from Al Shohub should complete a Withdrawal Form, obtained from the Registrar. Any outstanding payments or refunds should be arranged by visiting the Finance Office. Parent/Guardians should then visit the School PRO, with their Emirates ID, to arrange release for Transfer.

For fees paid via credit card, the refund will be calculated net of the credit card charges. All fees owing will be refunded via cheque.

Non-Payment of School Fees
Fees are due and payable according to the payment schedule of the school, and under no circumstances later than the first day of the academic term. Al Shohub will send three fee reminders, at one week intervals, to all Parents/Guardians for non-payment of fees.

Should payment not be received on or before the date specified in the final reminder, Al Shohub reserves the right to withhold final results / school reports / Transfer Certificate including a block transfer on eSIS and a three day suspension of child(ren) in accordance with ADEC regulations.

Al Shohub will not re-register students, to the next academic year, until all outstanding fees are paid.

Transportation Fees
Following acceptance of an offer of school placement, Parents/Guardians will be able to select the school bus service for their child(ren). Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis which takes into consideration the student’s home location and availability of seats. All enquiries are considered upon completion of a Bus Service Request Form which includes a clear location address, landmarks and GPS coordinates.

Once availability, and pick up and drop off timings have been established, seats will not be secured until a Bus Service Acceptance and Payment form has been completed and returned to and a full cash / cheque / bank transfer payment has been made. There is no pro-rata payment or reimbursement of funds, where a place is withdrawn, or not used.

Cancellations and Refunds
One month’s advance notice must be provide in writing to, before the end of a school term in order to discontinue using the school bus service. If appropriate, a refund will be made for any term that has not started.

Cafeteria Payments
Kelvin Catering have been contracted to provide food services to Al Shohub in accordance with HAAD and ADEC requirements.

Kelvin Catering offers a cash-less payment system. Students and Parents are able to purchase food vouchers from the Cafeteria directly.

Additional Fees
Any additional tuition, school visits, sports, music or extra-curricular activities are charged separately and are to be paid according to the schedule of the specific activity.

Mode of Payments
Payment can be made, by cash, cheque or card, at the Finance Office, located in the Administration Section of the school, between 7.30am and 4.00pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 7.30am to 2.00pm on Thursdays.

Payment can also be made by bank transfer to:
School Name:          AL SHOHUB PRIVATE SCHOOL
Bank Name:              ABU DHABI COMMERCIAL BANK
Branch Name:          AL NAHYAN BRANCH, ABU DHABI
Account Number:    256720318001
IBAN:                         AE230030000256720318001

Please send proof of payment to:

You may also make a secure payment using Telr, by clicking the link below: