Welcome from the Principal

I am extremely proud to welcome you to Al Shohub Private School.

Our school is a happy, nurturing learning environment that focusses on developing the whole child and encourages children to flourish through an understanding of the world around them and their place in it.

Our children are confident, kind and intelligent individuals who have pride in their culture and heritage and understand that this is a strength. Our staff encourage them to explore and investigate, to wonder and ask questions and as a result they are brave and explorative in nature. From Pre Nursery to Year 6 our children work hard to achieve in an environment that is both supportive and challenging. Our dedicated teachers and support staff focus on well-being, emotional intelligence and academics to ensure every child flourishes at Al Shohub. We aim to provide culturally appropriate and relevant real life experiences for our children so they can apply their knowledge and skills outside the classroom, we believe that learning happens everywhere and that children’s achievements outside school should also be celebrated with their peers and school community.

Family engagement is an integral part of our school, through strong home/school relations, and an open-door policy we aim to ensure strong relationships with all our community to further foster success. The UAE is an extraordinary place to live and the memories made in a child’s younger years will remain with them forever. At Al Shohub our focus is to make these memories the foundations of a lifetime of learning, self esteem and confidence. To ensure that by the time our children leave us they have developed into skilled, educated young people who seize opportunities with ambition and a smile on their face. We aim to make them and their families proud of the young people they have become.