The Board of Governors of Al Shohub Private School is composed of:

  • Owning family
  •  Stakeholder affairs representative
  •  Senior Abu Dhabi Educationalists
  •  Education/Business Advisor
  •  Parental Voice
  •  Principal

The responsibilities of the Board of Governors include, but are not limited to:

  •  Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in the conduct and operation of the School according to
    the Council’s regulations, policies and requirements.
  • Having full knowledge of all applicable federal and local rules and regulations relating to Private
    Schools, and doing what is necessary to ensure School’s compliance and adherence to their
  • Responding to the Council’s directives and requirements, for example in relation to inspection
    outcomes and compliance issues.
  • Holding the Principal accountable for her implementation of the Board of Governors approved
    policies and plans.
  • Approving School policies and development plans, and ensuring that the Principal’s
    development policies and plans support achieving the School’s mission and values.
  • Setting out the School’s financial needs and operating budget, supervising the preparation of
    the School budget and approving it.
  • Promoting ethical values, taking into consideration adherence to the values, morals, norms and
    traditions of UAE society, and compliance with policies through appropriate and effective
  • Measuring the School’s success in implementing its mission and aims and ensuring corrective
    actions are taken if results show there is a need.
  • Investigating formal complaints against the School and taking appropriate actions in accordance
    with the School’s complaints policy.
    (In accordance with Policy 18 of the Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual)

Parents may contact the Board of Governors at any time, either by making an appointment through the school, or by emailing: