School Reopening 2020/21

Updated information – Thursday 27th August

The new academic year begins next week and we are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our students, either back in school or through Distance Learning.

Given the very unique circumstances we find ourselves in this academic year, there will be some changes to how the school operates this year in order to ensure the health and safety of our students, staff and parents. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to follow all the necessary procedures and precautionary measures we have put in place.

Students returning to school

ADEK have announced that only students from FS2 to Year 6 will be able to return to school for in-person teaching and learning. Nursery and Years 7 to 12 will participate in Distance Learning.

Students will only be able to return to school if they are registered for the Academic Year 2020-21, and a minimum of Term 1 fees have been paid. Due to the need for smaller class sizes we cannot guarantee a place for parents who have not yet registered their child.

Health Declaration

All parents whose children are returning for in-person learning and teaching will need to complete a Health Declaration for each child. This has been emailed to all registered parents and should be returned to


Please note: the bus service will begin on Tuesday 1st September, due to DOT COVID-19 testing

Students will be able to use the school bus, but these will operate at 50% capacity. Students will be allocated seats for the duration of the term and they will be expected to remain in their seat for the duration of the journey to and from school. Students will have their temperature taken when boarding the bus and must wear a mask if in Year 2 and above.

There will be two arrival and departure times for buses, depending on the location of pick up and drop off.

1st arrival at school: 7.30am                                                      2nd arrival at school: 8.00am

1st departure from school: 2.10pm                                          2nd departure from school: 2.40pm


Private Pick-up and Drop-off

As per ADEK policy, private pick-up and drop-off cannot take place at the same time as bus pick-up and drop-off, in order to alleviate any congestion at entrances and exits. Therefore, private pick-up and drop-off must occur when buses are off-site.
Morning drop-off: between 7.30am and 8.00am
Afternoon pick-up: between 2.10pm and 2.40pm (FS2 children may be picked up at 1.00pm)

Cars arriving at school outside of these times will be asked to wait until all buses have left the school site. Please note that late students may not be accepted.

There will be two areas for private pick-up and drop-off:
FS2 – Parents are permitted to wait inside the perimeter wall behind the white railings in FS, for their child to be brought out to them.
Year 1 to 6 – can be escorted to the perimeter wall by one parent/carer, where they will then be greeted by Al Shohub teachers who will help them get to their class.

Students will not be able to enter and exit the building through the main entrance of the school at any time.

To view the school layout, please click here.

Parent Access to School

Before Sunday 30th August

Parents are able to access the Administration area of the school to pay tuition fees, visit the Registrar or PRO.  Parents must complete a declaration form at the main entrance of the school and have their temperature taken. Parents must wear a face mask at all times and are also asked to socially distance at all times. 

 From Sunday 30th August

During school hours parents will be able to access the Administration area of the school, but only with a negative COVID-19 test with 72 hour validity. This must be shown at security. Parents must also follow all other requirements as referred to above.

Parents will not be able to meet with teachers face to face as they will be working within strict ADEK guidelines and must remain with their allocated macro-bubble. Parents can arrange virtual meetings with their child’s class teachers. Teachers will be arranging parent meetings during the first week.


Uniform information has been sent out to parents and is also available on our website. Please take note of the new ADEK policy on school bags.


We recommend that students bring their own healthy school lunch and snacks to school, however Kelvin Catering will still be providing a limited menu for students if required. Students will be required to eat in their classrooms, therefore only cold food will be provided – sandwiches, salads, fruit etc. Students will be able to place an order in the morning and their food will then be delivered to the classroom during their break.

Distance Learning

Nursery students and Secondary students (Year 7 to Year 12) are required to participate in Distance Learning. This will continue until we receive further notification from the relevant authorities. In addition, parents of Primary students may opt for Distance Learning for Term 1. As per ADEK policy, parents will have two weeks to change their preference between full time face to face learning or Distance Learning.

Parents should email: if they would like their child to participate in Distance Learning.

Information regarding Google Classroom, class sign-ups and log-ins will be sent to parents and students over the next two or three days in preparation for the start of the academic year.

Updated information – Sunday 16th August

We have today received updated information from ADEK regarding the reopening of the school on Sunday 30th August.

Please see below for updates:

Phased opening
ADEK has stated that only FS2 to Year 6 will return to school for face to face teaching from 30th August. This will last for approximately 4 weeks. ADEK will then review the possibility of additional year groups returning to school.
Students in all other year groups will receive Distance Learning.

Macro Bubbles
The school will be divided into 3 macro bubbles, containing both staff and students. A macro bubble will not be able to mix with another macro bubble within the school. Our macro bubbles at Al Shohub will be organised as follows:
Macro Bubble 1: Nursery (once back in school) and FS2
Macro Bubble 2: Primary Years 1 to 4
Macro Bubble 3: Upper Primary, Years 5 and 6, and Secondary
The purpose of the macro bubbles is to enable the school to isolate a group of staff and students in the event that an individual displays any symptoms of COVID-19.

PCR testing will be required for students aged 12 and above before they return to school. Further information on testing will be provided by ADEK at a later date.

Q) Will I be able to keep my child at home and continue Distance Learning?
A) Yes. If you are concerned about sending your child to school, they may continue Distance Learning during Term 1. Lessons will be live streamed from the classroom as teachers are teaching the students who are in school. These lessons will also be recorded for students to review again if needed. Students working from home will be expected to complete the same school work as the students attending school, and submit this via Google Classroom.

If you would like your child to continue with Distance Learning, please confirm this in writing by emailing: Please remember to include your child’s full name and year group.

Q) Will my child be able to use the school bus?
A) We are aiming to provide a bus service for those children who require it. All school buses will operate at 50% capacity. Students will have their temperature taken before being allowed to board the bus. All students aged 6 and over must wear a face mask. All students will be given an allocated seat and must stay seated for the duration of the journey. Students must maintain a safe distance between each other when boarding and disembarking the bus. Further information will be provided to parents whose children will be taking the school bus.

Q) What safety measures will be taken in school?
A) There are a number of safety measures we will be taking to ensure all members of our school community are safe at school, all in accordance with the guidance and policies that have been distributed by ADEK. Some of these measures will need to be undertaken before students return to school.

Return to school requirements

  • Any student who has travelled overseas during the summer holidays will need to complete home quarantine for 14 days before returning to school
  • All students aged 12 and over will need to be COVID-19 tested prior to returning to school
  • All staff working at the school will be COVID-19 tested prior to returning to school
  • All staff will wear face masks as well as any additional PPE when necessary
  • All students in Year 2 and above must wear a face mask for the duration of the school day
  • Parents should check their child’s temperature every morning before sending them to school
  • All parents, staff and students (where applicable) will be required to download the Al Hosn app onto their mobile device
  • Parents who choose to send their child to school will need to sign a declaration that they will keep their child at home should they display any symptoms of COVID-19.

Entering and exiting the school building

  • Morning drop off and afternoon pick up will be staggered at different times and at different places to ensure a reduced number of students entering/exiting at any one time.
  • There will also be a staggered bus service to reduce the number of buses arriving and departing school at the same time.
  • Parents must follow any instructions from Security when dropping off or picking their children to ensure safety at all times.
  • Parents/carers will not be permitted to enter the school, as per ADEK policy, in order to reduce the number of people in the building. There are exceptions for students in Nursery and FS2, who can be accompanied by 1 adult.
  • We will operate three entrances/exits for students – Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary. All entrances will have thermal scanners to check the temperature of the students as they enter.
  • Isolation rooms have been created next to each entrance. In the event that a student enters school and is detected as having a high temperature, they will be directed to the isolation room, away from other students.
  • Hand sanitizers have been positioned outside each classroom.
  • Plexiglass has been installed in the Reception area and in offices where meetings may occur.

During the school day

  • The teaching day will begin at 8.20am until 2.00pm and consist of 6 x 50 minute lessons. There will be two breaks during the school day. We have shortened the teaching day to allow for the extra time needed for arrival to and departure from school.
  • Students will sit 1.5 metres apart in each classroom. This means that there will be a maximum of 15 students in each class. In Nursery, FS2 and Year 1, a maximum of 10 children per class is permitted.
  • Students will only be able to mix with the students in their class. They will not be able to play or mix with students in other classes.
  • Students in Secondary will stay in one classroom and their subject teachers will come to them. The only exception will be for the teaching of Science, where students will be able to visit the laboratories, and Art.
  • Students will not be able to use the Cafeteria. They will need to pre-order food and this will be delivered to their classroom.
  • Physical Education (P.E.) and Extra-Curricular Activities are currently not permitted as per ADEK guidelines.

To view this information in Arabic, click here.

Please note these guidelines are subject to change as we continue to develop our school protocols and receive further updates from the authorities.

As our class sizes are now limited to a maximum of 15 students, it is essential to register your child/ren
as soon as possible to guarantee a place. You can re-register your child by contacting our Accounts
Department to inform them of your wish to re-register and pay the AED 1,000 re-registration fee (plus
any outstanding fees if applicable).

Accounts Department: Phone: (02) 401 8802

In addition, you can also contact us if you have any queries regarding the registration process: