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Year 9

Al Shohub students participated and engaged in the Expo Youth 2020 in Abu Dhabi and represented the school with a wide range of questions to panel presenters throughout the day. Our students engaged with Marshall the interactive entertainment robot who challenged them with questions exploring their role as a global citizen of the world. They were invited to look at how they could become part of the change for global responsibility for fashion and the creation of sustainable design, and they were challenged to question and look at the role of women in leadership, equality and diversity. At the end of the day Al Shohub students were inspired to write a note of gratitude after they were introduced to Laurence Anthony De Guzman, who is the Grassroots Ambassador for Tolerance, Resilience & Happiness. Our students listened to his story of how being a pupil of determination has made him resilient, as well as the commitment and drive he has had in order to become a skilled pianist at the age of 15. The students were inspired by his stage performance and created messages of thanks, gratitude and appreciation for their love of the UAE. These messages were tied to the gratitude tree and symbolic of the empathy and belief our students have of our UAE.